Dark red scars, skin looks dull. What to do?


hi. im 21 years old and i never had pimples before. now all of a sudden i had acne breakouts and the scars are red and dirty. My doctor subscribed Ahaglow  facewash and Nadoxin-A cream . im using it for 24 days but the scars are still red and big. I have stopped using ponds whitebeauty facewash and now my skin looks very dull. please suggest a facewash and fairness cream in this condition and tell about nadoxin cream too.

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hi radha..ponds facewash are comedogenic..
nadoxin is a does not help with scars..but it is targeted towards acne..
since u said u have never acne it will be good to consult a doctor to rule pcos,thyroid,insulin resistance,any defiencies..
there are the primary causes..
if acne is under control then u follow cpp regimen for scars treatment..

CPP Process to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast

7+ Best Fairness Creams for Oily Skin in India

but if your acne is still persists look into one of these regimens..
radha u also need to be patient with treatment of acne and scars..u need a lot of time to do so..


Hi Radha, acne can some on suddenly on previously clear skin. That’s what’s happened here. It is commonly due to a sudden hormonal change. It can also be due to using pore-clogging products. Pond’s White Beauty face wash is pore-clogging which means it can cause pimples. Even if it didn’t bring out your pimples in the first place, it will keep aggravating them if you continue to use it.


Your doc’s prescription sounds fine. Nadoxin A is most likely nadifloxacin + adapalene gel, which has been shown to work for acne, but can also redden the area where used. With such treatments, the use of a sunscreen is strongly advised, but for now, sticking to your doc’s prescription instead of adding new products will be a safe idea.


At this point, controlling new acne breakouts should be your first priority. There are effective ways of fading red acne marks once acne is under control. I’d say once your acne is under control, pay your doc a visit and broach the topic of fading red marks. You can also start reading up our blog pots about the same topics.


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