Sudden pimples with Budget Regimen?



i am following the budget regimen with a little modifications like

facewash — AHA GLOW  2 -3 times a week

Facewash – other days  – cetaphil mornings  / neutrogena deep clean  nights to remove sunscreen/dirt  etcs

Night cream – Supracit tretion cream

Sunscreen – sungross by ranbaxy

I am just followig this from 1 + months yet to include gylo 6 bcos  i have very irritated skin already .

i some times use vitamin c serum with this  .

I am seeing sudden pimples the ones that hurt on touching is this bcos of diet – i added green tea and walnuts to diet


Please suggest


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Hi gswey! First of all, what you are following is not Budget Regimen, so lets not create unnecessary alarm based on that. 🙂


Neutrgoena Deep Clean, Cetaphil Cleaning Lotion, Suncros sunscreen, unnamed vitamin C serum – none of these things are part of Budget Regimen, so it could be any of these causing the problem. These are not little modifications. 🙂


We need to figure out what the culprit product is. Since tretinoin is very strong, whatever is causing the pimples despite that has to be pretty bad. Maybe cut out Suncros and vitamin C serrum and walnuts for now. Green tea is probably fine.


Your skin is irritated even more because Neutrogena Deep Clean contains salicylic acid which has great potential to irritate skin being treated with tretinoin. You could consider changing your cleanser to a neutral one as mentioned in the Budget Regimen.


For now, lets use this elimination method and see how your skin does in a week. Keep us posted! 🙂


its ranbaxy suncros


Hi Gswey..How are you?
Suncros tends leave face greasy and possibly that could lead to breakouts?
Which Vit C serum are talking about?Kaya is it?
You dont need glyco since you already on retinoid..
If you want to include glyco go to Triacneal which contains 0.1% retinaldehyde and 6% glycolic acid..
Cetaphil is not the safest option nor does it cleanse properly..Instead include neutral cleansers like kaya soothing gel ,fabindia tea tree facewash,neem facewash etc..Some options listed in budget regimen

Budget Acne Regimen Under Rs. 500 a Month

Neutrogena deep clean has two versions,deep clean foam(tube) has highly comedogenic ingredients and bottle version has 2% salicylic acid..So salicylic acid in this and glycolic acid in aha glow to irritating you..That is the reason for breakouts..


I had also used tretinoin,by using ths cream u wil be suffering wid earlier breakouts so just minimize d use of tretinoin for few days/week. U can replac ur sunscreen as suggested bye teju di and AM…


m olso facing breakouts from last 2 days as i have started suncross 2 days back so suncross is THE culprit????????

suncote is not available here


Hi Neha,its possible due to the oil film..
Try to get hold of Suncote,otherwise lotus sunscreen..


i guess ma mom vil kill me as m buying new stuff daily ;(


Neha, the idea of regimens is to end the cycle of buying and junking flop products that many of us have been stuck in. The idea is to use tried and tested products so you actually get to finish them and save money. Tell your mom this. 😛


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