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Hi @acnemantra  could you suggest a cream for pigmentation.. Mine is dry skin & APST2 .. I have been using Acne-Aid soap from past 2 yrs and lot of my acne got reduced to a considerable level.  But I am left with acne scars and some pigmentation. Though the intensity of these got reduced from past 4-5 yrs ,they are still visible.

When I go thru some of the products that I have come across Dermologica c-12 concentrate. Although I am not sure the specific use of this, I found in some of the reviews that it works for pigmentation and acne scars. Can I go with this? I not, could ypu pl recommend if there is any product that is much targetted towards my problem?

others on the forum, pls share ur experiences if u have used the above product or any other product that worked for you.  All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hiya Satya, this 3-step CPP Process will help you fade dark spots fast. It explains the 3 products one needs and why, to remove hyper-pigmentation and prevent it from coming back.


Dermalogica C12 Concentrate you mentioned is pretty expensive at Rs. 7290 for 30 ml. You can find way more effective products that are made in India at a much lower price – Rs. 200 for 15 ml and thereabout. The Dermalogica product sounds fine, but fading marks is not that tough that one has to resort to ultra expensive products, unless one wants to. 🙂


The post I linked to will help you get the exact products and will explain why each of the 3 products is needed. You do not have to use the products mentioned in there, they are just examples, but once you understand the 3 steps, you will be able to pick and choose on your own.


Thanks @AM for the quick response. Where can I order sunprotek 50+ gel? I couldn’t find it in any of the online stores.  Going thru some of the qns/posts it looks like the product is not easy to procure.


Hiya Satya, the answer is in those very question threads. Someone had posted the company’s contact info, so search a bit for that thread. They courier it to you once you contact them. Sebamed Suncare Spray SPF 30 is an easier to find alternative on online shopping websites.


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