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I have visited a dermitologist n he sujjested me d following
1. agifine 500
2. isotroin20
please can u sujjest intake of these has any.hormonal side effects which can affect me in future
keracnyl face wash (3 times a day)
epiduo gel (morning evening)
melalong (night)
is this regimen a gud regimen
n if their is room of improvement than pls suggest

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Keracnyl thrice a day? isn’t that too much?


If u want to follow ur doc prescription then its good because we cant change it he know ur skin well from as he say for 1 week then tell us what happen if there is lot of dryness on ur face then ask doc to add a cleansing gel like kaya soothing gel and a non comedogenic moisturiser.or reduce keracnyl face wash to two time


There was one kevin who started his isotroin regime last week. U r a difrent guy i guess.
Wel,isotroin does have serious side-effects..but it may not occur for all.The net is full of isotroin’s side it up. how many days has the doc asked you to take it?


Alternate days in a week for 3 months


Hi Kevin, so you are the other Kevin in the community who’s on isotretinoin. 🙂 Here’s another. The first thing is, how bad has been your acne? Bad enough to warrant isotretinoin? That will decide if your doctor’s prescription is any good.

As you already guessed, isotretinoin does not come without side-effects. When you purchased the isotretinoin tablets, you should have received a leaflet inside the packet that talks about its side-effects. You should read it. In case you didn’t receive one, you can read the list of side-effects here. This is for brand Sotret, which is also isotretinoin. Even though the list is scary, you may not experience all of the side-effects mentioned in there. Once you go through the list, be aware of any symptoms that you may see arise.

Mildest side-effects range from dry skin and lips to some hair loss. Severe ones go on creating suicidal tendencies in those prone to depression.

As for skin care products, since isotretinoin itself is strong, you do not need to use harsh products like Keracnyl (otherwise good, but not necessary in this case). You can see an example of skin products to use with isotretinoin here. In any case, it will best to consult with your doctor before changing up any products.


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