Suggestion on the Sunscreen which I can use as a moisturizer as well


Hi Acnemantra!

I was on the verge of becoming a pimple volcano and I bumped into this site while I was looking for a review for sebamed which I saw in a pharmacy and now I am spared! Thanks will be too small a word to tell you all 🙂

I had a combination skin from childhood and use to apply multani mitti frequently and I made it dry, it is still oily in T zone , but cheeks look very dry and lifeless, yet I get pimples at times. I like to apply creams and all, but every cream or powder would bring a breakout and I would stop using it altogether, so I can tell all these 26 years I have been only on soaps and facewashes, rarely using creams like fair and lovely or ponds white beauty, because it wouldn’t suit me. (Now I know why, comedogenic ! Thanks to AM again! ) 4 years back I had pimples and visited doctor, she gave me some medicines,soap, ointment which I used for some days and suggested me to use ketacanozole. But I stopped everything in a week since I was not seeing a little change. But it miraculously stopped by itself and I was having a skin without pimples atleast till last year.

But then in new work location we became a cool friends gang, everyday going for snack breaks and having lots of junk food(lots of pizza, spicy biriyanis, french toasts etc), side effects 1) fatter me 2) pimplyy me :(Just a month before I thought I found my perfect skincare combination 1) Lotus 3 in matte look SPF 30 2) Lakme radiance compact powder and 3) Maybelline babylips pink lolita 4) Clean and clear facewash  till the pimples invaded my skin. Everyone commented how bright I was looking! I did not know what to do, but since already stopping all facial products helped me once, I decided to call off all  the products I was using at that time. I am only on facewashes since, I tried changing every facewash like, 1)pears blue , brown  2) the body shop cream based tea tree facewash 3) Clean and clear 4) Olay natural white 5) fabindia tea tree oil facewash(it made my skin dry and lifeless, but yes no breakouts that week) 6) Himalaya Neem foam facewash. And then I went to a doctor at Apollo Hospitals Chennai and whom without even bothering to look at my face or skin type, prescribed me soaps and tablets. And he asked if I had any plans for pregnancy in the coming months. I said I am not married yet. He asked again, that is not my question, are you planning for pregnancy 😐 May be was trying a joke, bad joke may be. Then he told the tablets I was given will make the teeth of the baby yellow in case I conceived while on medication. After taking the tablets for two days I throw it away since I was apprehensive of side effects and was using their soap alone. That soap prevented and reduced pimples to some extent, but totally drove my skin dry.

It was at this point I was browsing through acnemantra and I started with 1) Himalaya facewash  and then 2) sebamed clear face cleansing  bar alone twice a day. But still Himalaya would make my cheeks dry and nose shiny. So I thought of trying Aroma magic grapefruit face wash and it made my skin very dry but no pimples or one pimple. After browsing more about ahaglow facewash that it wouldn’t over dry I am trying that too. For the past week I used only at night, these two days I am using it at mornings too followed by sebamed cleansing bar.

I am not applying anything other than this except maybelline babylips antioxidant lip balm(planning to use lotus cherry lip balm once this is over).

Its not like I am not trying any other moisturizers. When I was using Himalaya facewash itself I tried using Himalaya intensive face moisturizing lotion but it was irritating my eyes. When I wear it, it would feel like contacting mild homam smoke or mild onion peel odour and so I left it at that.

Before using ahaglow facewash I visited kayas skin clinic for everyday radiance facial. Since the doctor there advised me to try Kayas pigmentation something I asked the reception for that product and they handed over the kayas pigmentation reducing complex and voila the next day the pimples which were subsiding came back again, thanks to pigmentation reducing complex. And also I got a sunscreen free for that days billing and I went and chose daily moisturing sunscreen SPF 30 despite the receptionist words ‘it is only for dry skin mam, you are oily skin’, telling ‘The dermatologist said I am normal skinned” and I bought that  thinking that she was trying to cross sell products. And while using aromamagic facewash, sebamed cleansing bar and then sunscreen SPF 30 and then pigmentation reducing complex at night got pimples back and then I resorted back to acnemantra only to find that both the products were already warned enough!

So after 7 days of everyday radiance at kayas(after the treatment you are not supposed to use glycolic acid products for seven days it seems) I started with ahaglow facewash at night followed by sebamed bar and aromamagic facewash followed by sebamed bar at mornings and after reaching office only aromamagic facewash for a week and last two days I have changed my morning to ahaglow facewash and sebamed cleansing bar. Right now I have on pimple at the last stage and light bumps in one or two places where pimples were there once.

I have bought kojivit gel but I am not using it now since I don’t want to risk now.

What would be a good moisturizing sunscreen for me? Not much oily? Need to make my skin soft too.  I liked the lotus sunscreen SPF 30’s matte effect (but it didn’t soften), so I bought SPF 50 gel version too but it didn’t get me that matte effect. So its also simply sitting in shelf.

I was browsing about zoray and suncote but the former seems to make skin dry and the latter oily. Remember please, I have T oily zone and dry cheek area. 

Or should I go ahead and buy kayas SPF 15 version? I already burnt 1000 rs from my purse :'(

Now that you have heard my case story, should say boring case story, please help me by suggesting a proper sunscreen 🙂

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I was about to post the same query..i wud also like to know of any good non com moisturizer for acne prone skin which also has good that we do not have to use a separate sunscreen.


Now I have company @shweta 🙂


Just pushing the thread and abridging the contents of my bigg story:

My acne is eliminated. But marks remain.

I am using ahaglow facewash and sebamed clearface cleansing bar together morning and evening. I have BOUGHT kojivit gel and I hope I get confidence to use it soon.

In the meantime which sunscreen can I use?

Matte and moisturising will go together? Lotus 3 in 1 matte SPF 30 gave a good matte finish but left a few bumps.  Please suggest.

@shweta188 tag me if you find an answer please!

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