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My age is 32 years. I have a lot of pigmentation on both side of my face and around my eyes. Lot of freckles. This has been since 4-5 years.

I am also getting lot of pimples from last 8 months which have left scars and some pits.

The doctor has prescribed me Kovite active cream (night), asteclin gel (morning 1/2 hr and then wash off) and AHA glow face wash.

Is it good? Also, what is the substitute for kovite, I am unable to get it.

I am using suncote sunscreen and aloe vera gel during the day.


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Ruchika,kovite gel is from lyra laboratories & it have the same composition as of kojivit gel  so you can opt for kojivit .


Thanks Parul 🙂

AM – Can you please check my regimen? I think it is almost similar to the ones that have been recommended on the site.


Ruchika, this prescription sounds fine for now. As Parul mentioned, Kojivit Gel is similar to Kojivite, so you could get that. Asteclin sounds like it has clindamycin – a topical antibiotic. Be sure to use a non-comedogenic aloe vera gel which does not have any added oils. Suncote is fine – Zoray Aquagel, Ekran Aquagel and Sunprotek Gel could be better options so perhaps try them out once your Suncote gets over. Good luck girl and keep us posted. 🙂


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