Suggestions on my regimen please??



I have dry skin so cannot do without a rich moisturiser, I get occasional pimple or 2 in couple of months or so but by the time they heal I get a new one so my skin is never flawless.. now ive started this regimen to avoid formation of new pimples as well as something for anti ageing to keep my skin flawless and supple

Morning : wash face with sebamed cleansing foam and apply clinique dramatically different moisturiser + for dry to normal skin, then apply lotus 3 in 1 matte sunscreen

Night: wash my face with ahaglow facewash and use vit c serum by o3 and then apply ponds flawless white rebrightning night cream and apply rejuglow on the spots to remove the marks

I alternate my night treatment with clinique facewash then wait for 10 min and then apply retino a .025 and then apply neutrogena oil free moisturiser on dry areas..


Please suggest if this is alright or I need to change something.



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@gurleen , Your regimen plan of action sounds good. But my 2 cents is since you are ready to invest in good products like Clinique, why then go for products like PONDS which are not really working well on acne prone skin. Even your sunblock is not a great option. You could switch to Sebamed or any other sunscreens reviewed here. That would be a better choice.

Your alternating night regimen sound pretty good too & instead of Ponds, you could switch to Kaya Night cream with antioxidants & apply rejuglow on the spots. Rest all seem good.

Tread carefully on Vitamin C serum, high %ages of vit C can sometimes cause acne by itself, so be cautious in it’s usage. If you are using Kaya, you might not require VIT C at all. Try taking an internal oral supplement instead.


Thank you so much for the prompt reply.. I’ll try kaya night cream , the only reason I was using ponds one was that I tried lots before but didnt find anything good so ponds was as good as others but I’ll surely try kaya night cream and will keep you posted :)..

I have tried sebamed sunscreen before (spf 50) but it gave a very greasy look to my face and also I wasnt happy about the white cast it left on my face.. but I havent tried spf30 one , im still unable to find a perfect sunscreen for myself..lotus one gives a very matte look and since using retino a makes my face shiny , lotus helps to mattify that.. any suggestions regarding sunscreen ?? I read the earlier posts but im rather confused on which one to buy..


I want to be sure that using ahaglow and retino a alternatively will not cause any damage to my skin na??

I’ll stop using vit c for a while now ..what oral supplements do you suggest ??


@gurleen , I am using the Bioderma Spot SPF 50 now along with Retino 0.05 & it works well for me. You could try the Sebamed SPF 30 or the Clinique spf 30 sunscreen itself.

Retino will typically dry out your skin in the long run, so you may need something that is kind of moisturizing. Lotus is definitely not a good choice. Try the Zoray aquagel, it seems to have good reviews here.

AHA glow & Retino should be ok now but in the long run  could irritate your skin after couple of months when you use retino regularly. I would advice to keep the skin care cleansing part very simple with Sebamed Foam & neutral cleanser along with the other options you mentioned above.


@LD:  thanks a lot for your suggestions. . I’ll definitely bring these changes in my routine and will keep you posted.. also is there any way I could avoid initial purging with retino a ?? Like I mentioned before I normally dont breakout much..

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