Suggestions on thyroid & Vit d, calcium deficiency




I got my medical tests done for thyroid & vit D as in spite of a proper skin care regimen, i was still getting very small breakouts without any reason & my bad luck, i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism & deficient in calcium & vit D.


For thyroid, doc has asked me to get done one more test & after that, he will start medicines & for vit D & calcium deficiency, he has prescribed me Bio D3 plus tablet to be taken at night daily.


I have gained weight in last 8-9 months. I have also noticed that my body skin & lips have become very dry. There are dry skin patches all over my body. I have started noticing hairfall as well. I read on net that all these are symptoms of thyroid.


Please advice on the following:

1) Is one tablet of Bio D3 plus daily enough for treating vit D & calcium deficiency?

2) Can thyroid be cured permanently or do i need to take its medicine lifelong (as told to me by my relatives)

3) Can thyroid be cured with Homeopathic medicine or i should go for allopathic only? Actually i cant take very strong medicines..

4) Any other steps to be taken for treating thyroid & vit d deficiency.


Any suggestions will be very helpful for me..Thanks a lot in advance..


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@shafaligarg please relax first of all it’s no big deal.everyone got it said you were diagonised with hypothyroid which means your TSH(throid stimulating hormone) was not within the normal fix this your doc might give you a single pill (i can’t guess the power,maybe 50-100mg) to be taken in an empty stomach in the morning.after 10-15 mins you can ve your morning drink and have a normal life just like everyone else.

you might feel bad about this, but once you start taking you won’t feel so anymore.thyroid is the supreme gland in our body, which is vital for our anatomy, especially to a woman’s.once you start taking the pill, you ll see remarkable difference in yourself.with the hair loss, weight gain, dryness above all you ‘ll feel fresher than ever, i am assuming you feel tired at times now, it’s a common symptom too.if you ll gain so many things from one pill-take the deal girl! oh, your pimples might reduce too(the ones caused by thyroid). but sorry, most people ve to take thyroid all their lives(me, my mom, my two aunts got thyroid).my aunt’s taking homeopathy medications for can go for one too.but make sure you re going for the best one.if your TSH doesn’t get normal in one or two months, don’t hesitate, switch to english medicine, it’s the safest option.

regarding calcium deficiency, when you take cacium rich foods, your body won’t absorb it unless you ve vitamin D3.vit D3 is necessary for body to absorb the re deficient in that, hence it has resulted in calcium deficiency.but now that you re taking vit D3,your body ll absorb the calcium from the foods you intake. try to take one or two egg whites a day.they re rich in calcium and you ll see a difference.

hop this is helping! have a good day!

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