Suggestions on Very tiny whiteheads & uneven skin tone..?


Hi Acne Mantra & all members,
i had posted another answer in previous thred..but there were no reply, i think nobody noticed that.
Then u know that i m only suffering from tiny whiteheads..but a week ago i went to one day picnic,n due to harsh sun expore for continuos three hours i broke ot badly. Then i went for our family doc,she said that i m allergic to sun(confused!), n i have deficiency of vit d3,hemoglobin & zinc..according to test reports. She prescribed me a tablet for allergy n i was already using cetaphil,then after 2 days she gave me a tonic for hemoglobin n zinc,capsules for vit d3,n a multivitamin cap with vit A..she also gave cosglo gel for marks. Dark marks r fading but very tiny whiteheads r still occuring. I m badly in need of your suggestions.
Thank u.

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Hiya Romi, it is likely your doctor is right. If you didn’t change anything in your routine on the day of the picnic, it is quite likely a reaction to the sun. My husband had also developed similar whiteheads on his arms on the areas that were exposed to the sun while driving. It did go away with some steroid medication (I don’t approve steroids) after his doctor diagnosed him with a reaction to the sun.


His skin got smooth within 2 weeks of starting treatment. I should mention that the skin calmed down only after the use of a mild steroid cream. Your doctor hasn’t prescribed you anything to calm down the rash I see. Although vitamin D, zinc, A everything does help, what you may need is some kind of ointment along the same lines.


You’ve not mentioned where these whiteheads are occurring. Are they only on the face or all sun-exposed areas? That is important because in that case it may not be an allergic reaction. Also do post every single product you are using currently on the areas where the whiteheads are – skincare, makeup everything. We may be able to figure out something.


Hi acnemantra,
So i got allergy type of pimples on my face bcoz of sun expore…& also i do get 4-5 tiny whiteheads everyday,which makes my skin look uneven. I don’t use makeup,bcoz of my highly sensitive n acne prone skin. These are the products I am using now…cetaphil cleansing lotion,cosglo gel by adcock ingram,supplements for vit D3,Feroglobin Hb tonic. Cosglo gel is kojic acid gel for dark spots,does nothing for whiteheads. Thank you.

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