How are Banana Sport and Sunban Forte sunscreens?


Hi AM, Teju and Friends,

I have a question about sunscreen.

I am having two suncreens right now.

1) Banana Sport –

2) Sunban Forte cream (recommended to me by my dermatologist) –

When i am using sunban forte cream then the white cast and sticky ness remains on my face.   Regarding banana sport suncreen, when i use it then my skin looks oily. So i stop using these two sunscreens and right now i am not using any sunscreens.

Any idea or experience about the above two sunscreens. Do i need to try some other sunscreen. Please suggest/advise.

Thanks for your time and help.


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Hi Ashu..
Neutrogena clear face sounds fine..
Dont go for spray sunscreen,I used this one too..Not really effective and possibly could break you out..
Nivea is a good options and $6 is reasonable compared to others..


ashu look into these options
Sea & Ski – Faces Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50
Philosophy – Hope Oil-Free Moisturizer, SPF 30
Neutrogena – Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30(very popular,looks like this is non comedogenic,oil free,safe bet)
Dermalogica – Oil Free Matte Block


hi ashu i did check neutrogena ingredients it is non comedogenic and reviews are very good..true extra cleanser was a miss but they do have few very good products..this proactiv sounds good to me..sea and ski is also positive..try to get ur hands on gel based ones..i also saw clean and clear morning clean and cetaphil oil free net is bit slow today so couldnt check much details..i will get back to u tomorrow.


i think u should try”Suncote Sunscreen Gel”.  itz awesum .


and itz non oily and gel based sunscreen gel.


Suncote suncreen


Hey Ansal and aijaz,

Thanks for your response. I heard very good reviews about suncote and eagerly wanted to try that product.

But the problem is i dont get that here in USA and it is not available on ebay and amazon 🙁




In the U.S. you have quite a few options for a non-comedogenic sunscreen. Give me some time, I’ll get back to you on this.


hi ashu..i think proactiv sunscreen is good..oil free and does not leave white cast..let me look into other options and get back to u..i faced similar problem with sunban..


Thank you AM and tejupriya for helping me out.


Thank you Tejupriya for your help.
1) Dermalogic review doesn’t look good. One of the user review from the site

I know some sunscreens do give that white cast on your face…this is one of them.

I also noticed that I get a lot of acne bumps (oil that doesn’t come out) when i started to use this. So I might switched to the one for sensitive skin which has the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide ingredients in it.

I have problematic skin, and reacts easily to anything….so it depends on your skin type too. It’s not a bad thing to try this and then switch to another if it doesn’t work. I recommend this for you to try, but I will not repurchase – like I’ve said, b/c of my skin type – we have different types. it might or might not work.
2) Philosophy is so much expensive 🙂
3) I am bit hesitate to buy and try Neutrogena products after getting disappointed with Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser. Right now i am using their only Neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin product.
4) Sea and Ski looks great option. Reading more about it.

Let’s see what list of products AM can get.

Best Regards,


Nothing urgent Tejupriya. I will check the ones you recommended and read about it. Thank you so much. Have a good night !


hi ashu out all the ones listed neutrogena clear face is the winner,apparently has out well for acne prone skin..i also bumped into one more sulphur product called da le cruz sulphur 10% application..very positive reviews and ofcourse 10% can be very drying..i was planning to buy on for acne and blemishes too..just thought i will let u know..


Thank you Tejupriya that helps. Could you please give me that ebay link.


here it is..


Wow this looks great.

But i am confused here  🙁   Is this can be used as a sunscreen ?  Please advise.


Sorry i re read your comment again. This is a cream. I will check the neutrogena clear face  one.

Thank you Tejupriya.


hi ashu..its a acne cream yes..let me know how neutrogena clear face goes ..take care..have a nice weekend 🙂


Hi Teju and AM,

I don’t have Acne. I have left over scarring and skin hyperpigmentation. I want to buy one sunscreen and i was looking into Neutrogena clear face and found three mild comodogenic products in it.

Butylene Glycol is mildly comedogenic
Dimethicone is mildly comedogenic
Steareth-2 is mildly comedogenic

your thoughts please. Should i go for this sunscreen or some other ones.

Please advise.

Thank you,



Hi Ashu..congrats on your progress..Yay for you 🙂
Neutrogena clear face has some great reviews for acne prone skin..
I saw the ingredients,nothing particularly is highly comedogenic..
you can still use it..Normally butylene glycol and dimethicone is commonly found in cosmetics..
It shouldnt be a problem for you..


Thank you so much Teju.

How about this one  –

I didn’t find any single comodogenic product in it. your thoughts please.

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