Is a sunscreen necessary at home?


AS I don’t go out in the direct sun often I don’t use sunscreens.The sunscreens that you have mentioned in the site are very pricy and all though I have bought Lotus Herbal’s Matte Gel but it is only 50gm for 225 rs and applying it in large quantity every 2hour through out the day will not last a week.So how to be protective from sunlight when you are at home?And I also can’t understand when you are not getting the sunlight directly on your skin how can it cause tan so easily?

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Hi shumbham..whether u go out or not sunscreen is important..yes sun damage is possible sitting the house too..because ultraviolet rays can penetrate through windows..unless u sweat a lot frequency of sunscreen can be way to counter sun damge wearing full sleeves shirts,pants etc to cover will minimisethe sun damage to an extent..without sunscreen it not only tans skin but damages the skin after prolonged duration..
Calak or lacto calamine is cheaper option for contains zinc oxide but not sufficient as others..
U could also try neutrogena oil free moisturiser with spf 15 which is rs 299..but it will last like for 6 months or so if used on face..


Shubham, exposure to UVB light causes production of melanin which is absorbed by other skin cells. When exposed to UVA light, melanin darkens. UVB triggering melanin production, which is oxidized by UVA, makes the skin tanned.

People with fair (Caucasian) complexions are less likely to experience immediate tanning because they have very little, if any, pre-existing melanin in their skin. For fair-skinned people tanning can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days to produce. People with brown skin, who naturally have more melanin in their skin will almost always experience immediate tanning. That’s why tanning begins the moment brown skin is exposed to the sun.


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