Supressing a new small pimple?


hey am n teju.!
i got a small pimple on my cheek n i have tried using ahaglow on a spot treatment on the pimple n left it for two hours.! i m doing dis for 2days bt its juz the same. can u recommend something plz.!

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Sorry to butt in but Faceclin is not a retinoind. It is clindamycin phosphate + nicotinamide – an antibiotic gel pretty much like metrogyl (which is antibiotic metronidazole).

The nicotinamide in it will help fade marks too, but the problem with antibiotic ointments is that they stop working say a year or two down the line. It seems to be pretty effective while it works though. Be careful to use sparingly (if you decide to) to prevent dark spot formation from the irritation.

There is something called Faceclin-A which is a retinoid (adapalene) mixed with clindamycin. Retinoids can cause severe irritation unless used carefully and come with a risk of side-effects. This is the reason I advise people to use them (adapalene, tretinoin) under a doctor’s care.




use faceclin a on the spot it will subside within two days without leaving any mark apply at night


Hi Rajeev..Faceclin is a retinoid which means it is a prescription drug so we are not authorized to advice regarding it..
Hi Cherry..Dab Sebonac or Metrogyl on the site of people..
Also note do not leave AHA glow more than an hour or two..


any home remedies??


sorry I forgot there are two versions..


apply sandalwood paste on the acne zits since it has astringent,cooling and healing properties sandalwood powder is easily available in pansari shops as far as retinoid is concerned adaplene is not a potent irritant like tretinoin but works quite effectivly

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