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glycolic acid and acne marks

as my brother suggest me to visit this site i hv gone through all of yours threads and article from the past 2 months.. site was too good for acne people.. i stick to yours one of the treatment for acne nothing else i use on my face… no moisturizer…. no sunscreen….  nothing just aha […]

November 23 harish raj
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tired of acne

hello, My name is jesal..till last year, I have never had any acne or pimples on my face..until I had 1 then 2 and the number just went on I have like clusters of them on both my cheeks and forehead..Its disgusting..I have tried everything from applying amla powder paste at night, to cucumber […]

August 14 jesal5
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Acne breakouts!! Help please

Hi, I’m a 15 yrs. old girl. I’ve been experiencing frequent acne breakouts for last four yrs. The acne eruptions are very painful and leave dark marks even if they get healed somehow. I have undergone dermatological medications but in vain. Please help me. Thank you Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: acne acne marks acne […]

July 12 rini


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