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Suggestions on my regimen

Hey, I have pimples since last 10 years and have been on treatments for a long time. During the treatment acne reduces and it resumes once I stop taking medicines. As of now I have 5- 6 small acne breakouts on my skin, the basic problem is the small red pimples and the marks on […]

March 12 shruti soumya
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Important: Retiring the Keracnyl Regimen

After taking into account community feedback, the Keracnyl Regimen has now been retired. This was a regimen designed mainly for tougher male skin and in many cases showed excellent results for those with non-sensitive skin. But overall, Keracnyl products are proving to be too harsh for many people, including boys and girls. The cases of […]

January 8 AM
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Follow doctor or the Starter Regimen?

hai just bumped into your website 2 days back and totally addicted to it now. Reading and readind and reading as much as i can. very very informative abd bundles of knowledge i am 30 yr old female. due to the acne problems i had been having from the teenage but was not that severe. […]

December 12 Sunitha Krishnakumar
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Is this combination fine?

should i use this?? ahaglow facewash+gyco6+kojovit gel+suncote cream also tell me the diff in glyco6 and kojovit gel?? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: acne regimen Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments December 9 deepak

December 9 deepak
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Doubt about Budget Regimen

Hi ,  im starting to follow the budget regimen. Before that , a question. 1. My face already have too much tiny pimples (some are whiteheads)  and many dark spots left by these pimples… So can i use budget regimen ? Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: acne regimen Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments December […]

December 5 Anand
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Regimen doubt please help?

Hi everyone.. guys plz help me in diz regimen,i hav been under diz regimen for past 1.5 months.. i hav super oily and sensitive skin. Mrng- Neutrogena deep pores cleanser nd suncot gel(if goes out only) Nun- Neutrogena deep pores cleanser Eveng- same neutrogena Nite- AHA face wash and glyco6 aft doing diz regimen my skin […]

October 28 kalz


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