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Treatment of acne scars

Please tell about how to treat acne scars.  are there any creams available which will vanish scarring permanently Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: acne scars Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments March 17 Anuj

March 17 Anuj
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Open large pores and pus filled whiteheaded acne along with acne scars and pits......

I was just looking for the acne products online when i came to know about this website.I find it really helpful and informative specially one of the only one with so much info about acne prone skin. i have been facing acne problem for the last 10-12 years.I am 26 now.I have consulted quite a […]

February 23 Jayant
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Kojiglo Gel anyone?

Has anyone used Kojiglo gel here? It is made by Alkem pharma and contains kojic acid dipalmitate 3% and vitamin C 2%. This is a stronger de-pigmenting product than Kojivit which contains 2% kojic acid dipalmitate. Vitamin C is a potent dark spot lightener. All in all, this could be a good substitute for those […]

January 30 AM
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Promina Ginseng Pearl Cream for acne and scars?

Hello acne mantra… i have recently come across this product named “PROMINA ginseng pearl cream”…one of my relative used it for years..and swears it is a effective cream for acne and acne scars.but i feel very hard to trust on any product related to acne..its ingredents used are:ETROLATUM, MINERAL OIL, CI 77891,CERESIN, BEESWAX,LANOLIN,TALC,NIACINAMIDE,FRAGRANCE, ZINC OXIDE, […]

December 31 nanu
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Best products for acne pits on face?

Hello AM! I was browsing net for vitamin supplements, when i came through this beautiful place (15 days back). I appreciate your hard work and your heart for sharing your valuable knowledge. I have a confusion. I had severe acne (cystic ones) for some 7-8 years. Now i have recovered from that phase of my […]

December 15 khushal kuchchal
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Antibiotics before dermarolling at Kaya?

Hi AM   I visited Kaya skin clinic yesterday for pitted scars on my face..they have suggested me to go for 4 sittings of dermarolling & 4 sittings of GA peeling on alternate basis..doc also told me that i am suffering from Rosasea due to which area on cheeks near to nose & on chin […]

December 12 shafaligarg


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