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Cream or gel for acne scars?

Hi i am 17 years old teenager and my problem is acne scars i also have acne problem so my dermatologist suggested me GLINTRA gel and ZINDERM-AN gel and a KERACNYL  facewash after using this my acne has cleared a lot but there are acne scars left and they look awful so please suggest any […]

November 21 Ninad
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Acne scars and Post Acne Hyper-pigmentation help?

Hi AM I am suffering from acne from last six years. This month I would turn 21. But I have acne only in summers not in winter. My face clears up in winters automatically even if I dont take any medication. But this summer I had the most horrible acne breakout. But now its almost […]

September 21 Sachin Malik
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Buy Kaya Skin Clinic Day cream or Night cream?

Hey AM…I have oily +sensitive skin+acne prone. Pls tell me whether I should buy kaya day cream or night cream cream? I read in ur post that day cream may cause pimples but night cream is a safe  bet for acne prone skin. Also advice abt the details of the ingredients for comparison between the […]

September 8 gazala
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Vitamin C serum with tretinoin?

Can I use vitamin c serum wth tretinoin? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: acne scars Categories: Dark Spots / Scars September 6 satvik121

September 6 satvik121
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Demelan cream for the face?

Demelan cream is it good for face or not Votes: 0 Answers: 19 Tags: acne scars Categories: Dark Spots / Scars August 26 satvik121

August 26 satvik121
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What to do about pitted scars?

Hi Thanks a lot for your previous advice..i just have started wid starter regimen 3 days back.. However my skin has become more smooth after this regimen but still i feel very oiliness on my face..does this happen in the beginning only or should i need to make any changes?? Moreover I hav pitted scars […]

August 24 shafaligarg


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