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How to remove acne scars & sun tan?

Hi, i hav acne scar n sunburn marks on my nose, im usng glyco A n deriva bpo fa my acne n acne scars, are these two acne creams enough 2 remove them r any other creams is requrd? Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: acne scars Categories: Dark Spots / Scars July 11 Ajazz

July 11 Ajazz
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Pimples leaving scars?

hey… am 21 year old and use to have acne in teenage….but they never left a scar now from past 2 years m having these pimples which scar, bleed, and pain my doc recomend exfoliation tgreatment he intend to give next month can you tell me its effectivness? and any other alternative? and can constipation […]

June 19 hammy
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Clearz Plus safe for sensitive acne prone skin?

is it safe to use clearz plus by dr reddys for pitted acne scars on sensitive acne prone skin……i like this blog very much……u people r really doing a great job.thanks in advance kindly help ….i have pitted acne scars on both the cheeks…..on forehead heat boils…. Votes: 0 Answers: 8 Tags: acne scars Categories: […]

June 16 bhavana sri
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How to reduce redness of acne?

how to reduce the redness of acne.?? itz so embarrassing . Votes: 0 Answers: 8 Tags: acne scars Categories: Dark Spots / Scars June 12 ansal

June 12 ansal
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Is Bio Oil good for acne scars?

i have heard and read so much about bio oil for scars and stretch marks..does it really stick to what it says?i saw some comedogenic ingredients..availability is a problem..any views? Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: acne scars Categories: Dark Spots / Scars June 5 TejuPriya

June 5 TejuPriya
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Which is the best cream for acne scar treatment?

avene triacneal , retino-a or glyco 6 .which is the best among these three for acne scars treatment. how can i use the product. should i apply it during night and leave it till morning or wash it off before sleeping. with so many regimens here i am confused.can you suggest a good regimen for […]

June 4 tyson


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