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Please check this out!!

Hi everybody @acnemantra, recently i’ve had alot of free time lately so i decided to use this time to research for more skincare products that are suitable for acne prone skin especially apst 3 like mine .i actually found alot of products that seem to be friendly and i really want to try,but my many […]

March 21 lima
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Doubts and my regimen :(

Hey everyone @acnemantra ,i recently got my avene triacneal and my skin is looking smoother , so i have a few ramdon doubts that keeps pooping in my mind and i thought i would put them all at one place lol, 1)this is my skincare routine,is it okay?:- >morning- Kaya soothing gel then sebamed foam […]

March 10 lima
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6 months of acne treatment but still got a few bumps on my face :(

Hey AM! It has been more than 6 months now I visited a dermatologist but still I got bumps on my face. I will list all the medicine’s I used, please help me.   04/09/2013 1)Saslic Face Wash – Twice a day 2)Epiduo gel – At night on pimples 3)Clindac A Solution – Afternoon on […]

March 4 Prashant Mall
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Acne on Nose and other product suggestions

Hi! It’s been a while since i have posted! Anyway great new features! I have added a photo in the media section of my profile. That type of bump and redness has been there for an year. My current regimen is: Sebamed Foam, Glomed, AHAglow and metrogyl plus on big and painful pimples! What is […]

March 3 Rahul Amlekar
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Help! Should i or not?

Hey guys , need your help 🙁 I really want to start using tretinoin to control my acne and my oily oily skin. BUT i have sports everyday for 2 hours (in the hot sun of bangalore) i cant skip sports,except on sundays.. i always use suncreen but i feel like its not enough if […]

February 28 lima
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What do you think ?

Hi AM , i’ve been planning to get some new skincare products as my serum O.S.T c20 is getting over – I’m looking at 1)Paula’s Choice Skin perfection 2% Bha liquid and 2)Benton Snail bee High content Essence. review here:-   What do you think ? 😛 Votes: 0 Answers: 6 Tags: acne Snail February […]

February 25 lima


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