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Non-comedogenic moisturizers for oily and acne prone skin,gel or water bases please suggest

Hi @acnemantra my dermatologsit has suggested me to use acne moist. but i havent got any good reviews about it. I also went thorugh Acne mantra’s list of 12+ best moiusturizers for oily skin. but i am still confused which one to buy. Sebeamed is way to expensive. But my skin is quite oily and […]

April 28 anushree
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Vitamin suggestion for pre menstrual acne

Hi AM Can I take vit c, vit b6,vit b complex all together before one week of my periods …How abt the dosage …morning and night or only once is enough? ? Thanks Papy Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: AcneMantra Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment April 14 papy

April 14 papy
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Keracnyl Cream reduced acne marks?

Heya Frnz! 🙂 hope you all doin’ good . @Acnemantra plz tel me does Keracnyl Cream reduces acne left over spots, i have some spots on both of my cheeks. so, please let me know! Btw am using Keracnyl Foaming gel facewash along with tht cream . Votes: 0 Answers: 0 Tags: AcneMantra Categories: Acne […]

March 28 Roshan Abraham
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Keracnyl Foaming gel and cream .

Hello AM @acnemantra ! i have been suffering from acne breakouts and acne marks on my cheeks past 4 years. after surfing a lot on internet and at last i found acne mantra website, you guys doing a great job :), and now after seeing a lot of review about keracnyl foaming gel and cream, […]

March 25 Roshan Abraham
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Thank you AcneMantra! It's Thanksgiving day! :D

I should have found this website before some 7 years. oh wait, it wasn’t there..still! Definitely it’s a unique website-blog-community. It’s like 3-in-1 product! Missed this yesterday (wanted to post this yesterday, but slipped out of mind!), but on this Thanksgiving day, would love to thank you AcneMantra. You came in everyone’s life as a […]

November 29 akshaykshardul


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