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Extreme flakiness and new eruptions after using retino a

Hi I have dry skin and am using retino a .025 once in 3 days with ahaglow facewash and rejuglow on the spots but only after 2-3 uses of retino a , I am experiencing extreme dryness and also got 2-3 new eruptions.. my skin is mildly acne prone.. now its gotten difficult for me […]

March 2 gurleen
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Using Exfoliating face wash in winters ?

Hi Friends, I was using AHAglow once in 4 days but still i feel skin gets dry and stretchy. So i stop using AHAglow nowadays. Is anyone getting the same experience of using AHAglow in winters ? Also any suggestions which exfoliating face wash would be better in winters….. 🙂 Thanks, Ashu Votes: 0 Answers: […]

January 3 ashu6074
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Please chalk out a regimen for me from these products

Hello everyone! I am new to this site! 😛 (This line was for AM, as she definitely answers questions containing this line. 😆 Sorry @acnemantra !!!) Please chalk out a regimen from these products for me: (when to use what-more importantly night part) Sebamed (using from a month (I guess) in morning) Lotus Herbals SPF […]

November 16 akshaykshardul
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Glycolic Acid Face wash

Friends, I got a question. I have AHAglow with me.  I hardly use it once in a week or two weeks. Whenever i am using AHAglow next day i see one or two whiteheads. Not sure either Ahaglow does not suit me or glycolic acid face wash doesn’t suit me. Should i go for another […]

November 15 ashu6074
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Alternative for AHAglow, for Tretinoin treatment?

Hey, First of all, i have to say, this site is amazing. I wish i had found this a loooong time ago. Great job! I have a few questions i hope i might get some help here. 🙂 I hope its not too long, i’ve bolded my major concerns.   This is my regimen and […]

October 18 Thomas
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Dark red scars, skin looks dull. What to do?

hi. im 21 years old and i never had pimples before. now all of a sudden i had acne breakouts and the scars are red and dirty. My doctor subscribed Ahaglow  facewash and Nadoxin-A cream . im using it for 24 days but the scars are still red and big. I have stopped using ponds […]

July 25 radha.n


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