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Skin getting better with AHAGlow

hey .as per your advice i started using aha facewash again. and within 2 days results are skin is getting better. just one last question .should i use suncote sunscreen during the day? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: AHAglow face wash Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash July 17 tyson

July 17 tyson
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My skin issues

Firstly u launched a fab application for skin ingredients I checked my stash n thts an awesome feeling Coming to my problem the thing is I have APST 2 skin n when I came across ur site I started using AHA glow and glyco 6 My routine mornings TBS tea tree face wash Lotus herbals […]

June 28 uzma Mohamid
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Getting married in 2 months- Please help

Hi everyone, I am getting married in 2 months. Blessed with very good skin, but have some old acne red marks on chin (5-6) and 1 on cheek. I have been suggested chemical peeling by doctor but dont want to get it done. Can anyone suggest any OTC products? I will use regularly and be […]

June 15 pankhuripachak
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Does AHAGlow irritate the skin?

Hi..what is meant by skin irritation? I have red pimples all over my face. This happened after i have started using AHA glow facewash. At first it was good and have done something good but at the end of the month i have got red pimples. I din’t apply moisturizer after washing my face with […]

June 8 Ejas
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Does AHAGlow have a body wash? hands have tanned a little bit..i wondering if i can use aha glow or keracynl as body wash for tan removal?it gently exofoliates right?any suggestions? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: AHAglow glycolic acid Categories: Dark Spots / Scars June 8 TejuPriya

June 8 TejuPriya
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AHAGlow or Glomed which is a better face wash?

hi ….was curious to ask whether u r male or female nd can u tell ur name??   i have apst 2 which can sometimes tend to apst 3 and i wanted to ask whether which one among ahaglow or glomed face wash can i use for daily cleaning of face 2-3 times…..and will there […]


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