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Okay to use Camcin N Gel with ... ?

Hey.. Its so damn hard to get rid of these monsters (acne) as soon as you think they are under your control they come back with full force.. 🙁  I am back with same problem I tried sebonac gel with aloevera gel but it made my skin more reddish and gifted more bumps. So I stopped using sebonac gel n […]

September 23 Pia
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My 2nd derm visit ...

last time i visted my derm a month back he prescribed me tretinoin 0.025%,clindymicin gel and desowen cream(this desowen i took my own decision to leave as twas steroid after using for a week)..mild facewash and tetracylcline antibiotic and probiotic..this regimen worked good for this one month i experincd whiteheads(wch is my major problm […]

July 25 prerna
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Antibiotics (tetracycline) could cause delay in periods?

i am taking antibiotics for almost 3weeks and my periods has been delayed by it normal???i nvr had irregular periods earlier.. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: antibiotics Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment July 20 prerna

July 20 prerna


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