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Ethicare products in bangalore(H.S.R./Koramangla area)

Hey could please tell me where to find hyalugel and facemed gel by ethicare in Bangalore near H.S.R. layout or koramangla area…….the payment method on ethicare site isn’t convenient for me Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: bangalore March 19 Prapti

March 19 Prapti
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Best place to get a chemical peel done in Bangalore ?

I have read the review of the kaya chemical peel session by Teju Priya. Good review! I wanted to know if there is any more clinic in banglore which offer such service. Main aim is to reduce the hyperpigmentation dark spots. Looking for some cheaper option, since august rush offer is over at kaya. Current […]

October 3 anonymous1
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Good dermatologist in Bangalore?

Hi all. It seems a derma visit is on the cards for me within the next one week or so. Hence if any of you in Bangalore know any good doctors who could help me out then please tell the same. I did some research on google but just want some personalized opinions that I […]

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