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Hyperpigmentation regimen for my Mom

Hello everyone, this time I am here for my Mom! She is 40, APST 2 and normal skin type (somewhat dry in winters near cheek region, temple is oily though!) She is facing hyperpigmentation (may be age spots) and blackheads on nose and surrounding area from last one month. For last 10 days, she’s being […]

January 8 akshaykshardul
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How can I get rid of pimples and blackhead problem ?

hi…..iam new 2 dis ..but i must say ur information is so realstic as what i have read across ur seems helpful. Btw my question is -i have pimples around my nose,on my forehead and also on my cheek . And i am using garnier gentle soothing face wash for cleansing ….nd i also […]

November 5 pinku
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Oily skin, open pores and blackheads

hi AM….. i hav a very oily n acne prone skin….right nw…skin is clear… i use the following face wash – cetaphil cleansing lotion – clean n clear morning energy face wash for pimples..i use… – Clindac A by Galderma (suggested by a friend) i hav open pores n blackheads… As pores are open….my skin […]

October 13 monica
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How to remove blackheads on cheeks?

Hiee my name is rajbir.i have been using stater regimen from last one month and i m noticng a gud difference.inspite of that i black heads on cheeks are not gettng vanish.i am using sebamed foaming wash in morning and ahaglow in eve and  at night.also i m using adeferin acne cream  in eve and […]

September 22 gill29
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PCOS with blackheads, whiteheads and open pores

Hi there Acne Mantra, I am suffering from PCOS and have dry skin accompanied with black/whiteheads, pores around my nose and few tiny red dots on my cheek. I have been using biore pore strips but I think it has made my pores bigger than before. So what moisturizer and cleanser would you recommend for […]

May 16 RashmaG


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