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Remove dark spots from back acne?

about 3 months back i was on some ayurvedic medicines which gave my bacne as a side-effect :(. as soon as i noticed it i stopped those meds and 2 months after i have stopped taking those i am free of bacne ( just 2-3 bumps left), but i am left with a whole lot […]

October 19 rims
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Body wash for acne prone skin in India? Found one

Yesterday on my grocery trip, I stumbled upon Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel. It is a huge bottle and comes at Rs. 349 for 250 ml. It is also available online at flipkart. All the ingredients pass the Skingredients comedogenic check. It doesn’t seem to be a drying formula and could work well […]

September 30 AM
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Serious pimples, suggestions please?

I’m from J&K (INDIA). My name ir Syed Aasif. I’ve a serious problem of pimples(acne) on my face and body, but mostly on my face. I’m 22 years old. I’ve tried almost all anti-acne products but all invain. Whenever I apply oil to my hair or eat something oily I usually get these pimples. I’m […]

September 30 Aasif
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Cystic Acne on buttocks?

I get cystic acne on my buttocks. Deep pit scars remain. Is there any medication that can help? And also the skin around my buttocks and thighs are very rough. How can I get smooth skin? What medication can I get at a local chemist? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: acne scars body acne cystic […]

May 29 kimberlyhk
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Acne regimen for extremely oily acne prone skin?

Hi, First of all, thanks for clearing the air around Pro-activ. There are a lot of mixed reviews going around and I was terribly unsure as to whether I should make the decision of going ahead with the same. But as you have suggested, I will first look around for another couple of options before […]

May 17 fmerchant
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Anybody with acne on legs ?

Since 2 years I have been suffering from acne all over my leg with small red bumps and some big ones which would come out at the same place with puss and bleeding sometimes. The red bumps remain there all over and some big ones would come out every 2 months or so with puss […]

May 17 RashmaG


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