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Makeup Solutions for Males

Hello everyone, Now I understand that the post/question topic is a bit taboo-ish, but that’s what I need desperately now. I had an unlucky accident that has left some spots/blemishes on one part of the face. I need to get back to work, and hence need an immediate solution for concealing the blemishes. Could anyone […]

December 25 Rishabh Kout
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Has anyone tried Rimmel london stay matte dual action concealer?

Please review that product! I wanna buy it but I am scared cuz my skin is REALLY sensitive. So has anyone used it personally? Please reply asap. 🙂 Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: asap concealer rimmel Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics November 21 Manju Sharma

November 21 Manju Sharma
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faces concealer comedogenic or non- comedogenic?

Faces profix beaufixe corrector (not stick.. Round one).. Is it safe to use? I tried searching on net but no luck.. Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Tags: concealer Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics September 11 nimi

September 11 nimi
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Best way to conceal acne and makeup tips?

hi this priyanka again with thyriod problem and chronic acne.. i use maybelline mousse foundation and liquid of them seems to cause breakout.. there are not enough good products for our kinda skin.. im thinking of trying color bar concealers.. also please guide me how to do make up on acne oily skin? wat […]

May 19 TejuPriya


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