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Over the counter retinol creams in India?

Hi acnemantra, i am a big fan of u, i have a question, can u name the over the counter retinol creams in India for cystic acne? Votes: 0 Answers: 11 Tags: cystic acne retinol Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments September 26 Romi

September 26 Romi
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How to reduce a large bulky cystic pimple?

hi all…tejupriya and am i’m undergoing starter regimen for more that 2 weeks…   i’m having one large bulge pimple?though i have gud improvement in regimen this making me very sick look 🙁 .As tejupriya said to dab triacneal more one new doesn’t work.Please help to get away this monster pimple…i even tried by […]

September 22 ramghkrish
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How to handle sudden cystic acne breakout at 29?

hi AM, Iam 29 years old and have a very oily skin.. I never got pimples (even in my teenage years) other than occasional monthly zits.. but all that changed a year back when i started getting severe cystic all over my cheeks.. I am working and in my job sun exposure is unavoidable.. A year back […]

September 15 Vishali
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How to stop painful cystic adult acne?

Hi, I am 40 years old and have horrible painful cystic acne since last two years. I tried the proactiv solutions kit and it worked for me though it did not clear me up completely and I always had a few cysts a month. However, due to harsh chemicals and not so favorable reviews of […]

August 28 dharini
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Overdose of Retio AC caused brown marks of skin burn.

Age 25 yr , male , i already had a severe problem of cystic acne with highly oily skin on face. After trying a lot of things i switched back again to retino A treatment in a hope to lower my breakouts (2-3 a day !) . This time i bought retinoAC with clyndamycin 1% […]

August 3 anonymous1
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Cystic Acne on buttocks?

I get cystic acne on my buttocks. Deep pit scars remain. Is there any medication that can help? And also the skin around my buttocks and thighs are very rough. How can I get smooth skin? What medication can I get at a local chemist? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: acne scars body acne cystic […]

May 29 kimberlyhk


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