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Pls tell me good shampoo for scalp bumps and dandruff ?

I have severe hair loss + scalp bumps like pimples and too much oily and smelly scalp ,what to do ? Hairs are going thinner and looking brown in color. Votes: 0 Answers: 10 Tags: dandruff hair scalp bumps Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash February 21 Priyan

February 21 Priyan
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Solution for hairfall and mild dandruff?

HI GUYS, Pls suggest a soution to this,its making me very upset…due to a strict regime…and workout..dese days…i cud  see hairfall…and its a major one 🙁 and cud see mild dandruff…my scalp is oily..m taking enough protein..and making an effort…bt cudnt understand how dis occur…my trainer told me its bcos of strict regime whch i […]

February 1 VINITA R
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Gentle Anti-dandruff shampoo??

So, since 2 years my HG shampoo has been Loreal Professional Instant Clear shampoo. It kept my dandruff at bay and my acne relatively in check. It was a standard white formula, a strong basic clearing shampoo. Lately however the formula has been changed. “ZnPt + Citric Acid” is what it says. Its a light […]

October 6 Neha


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