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6 months of acne treatment but still got a few bumps on my face :(

Hey AM! It has been more than 6 months now I visited a dermatologist but still I got bumps on my face. I will list all the medicine’s I used, please help me.   04/09/2013 1)Saslic Face Wash – Twice a day 2)Epiduo gel – At night on pimples 3)Clindac A Solution – Afternoon on […]

March 4 Prashant Mall
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How to clear dark spots left by pimples?

I’ve very dry skin. Almost the kind that peels if i dont make it a point to  use a moisturiser everyday. As a moisturiser I use Neutrogena moisturiser and Biotique honey gel facewash. Apart from the above mentioned I also use Lotus Matte gel sunscreen. My problem skin that’s mostly peeling also has the issue […]

February 24 dryskinandacne
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Correct regimen to cure skin darkening and acne

Hi everybody, I’m new to acne mantra. Like most of the people her I was suddenly attacked by acne in my late 20s, before that I had almost clear skin with occasional zits. About 6-8 months ago I started having cystic acne which was like expected leaving behind dark ugly spots. But before the spots […]

February 15 supreet
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Has anyone tried Postac for pitted scars?

I have a numerous  dark acne marks and pitted scars all over my back. I was prescribed  Brite Night cream ( 5% glycolic acid, kojic acid dipal 2%) and after 3 months there has been a 70% reduction. For the pitted scars the doc prescribed Postac (phenytoin soidum 5 % and tretinoin o.012%) . I […]

January 9 key
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Cream or gel for acne scars?

Hi i am 17 years old teenager and my problem is acne scars i also have acne problem so my dermatologist suggested me GLINTRA gel and ZINDERM-AN gel and a KERACNYL  facewash after using this my acne has cleared a lot but there are acne scars left and they look awful so please suggest any […]

November 21 Ninad
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Lighten dark acne spots on cheeks?

Hi,I am 22 and I have acne on my face since 6-7 years.i have only white heads on my nose and cheeks with this I have dark acne scars on my cheeks on both side of nose.they look like dark patches on my cheeks.these scars are dark and create odd impression on my face.i want to light […]

November 20 deepanshu


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