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Prorac a new skin lightning cream with vit A?

any one know about this cream ,,its diff from other skin lightning creams Prorac Skin Cream grape seed extract 1 % w/w, kojic acid 1 % w/w, aloe vera 2 % w/w, vitamin A 1500 IU, vitamin E 3.3 % w/w, vitamin C 2.5 % w/w. The FIRST cream with Grape Seed Extract A unique […]

September 22 jassi0302
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Acne scars and Post Acne Hyper-pigmentation help?

Hi AM I am suffering from acne from last six years. This month I would turn 21. But I have acne only in summers not in winter. My face clears up in winters automatically even if I dont take any medication. But this summer I had the most horrible acne breakout. But now its almost […]

September 21 Sachin Malik
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Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening& Brightening Gel Cream - SPF 25 non-comedogenic?

Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening& Brightening Gel Cream – SPF 25 is it comedogenic or non-comedogenic?is it good for oily skin!!my face is very oily and i have some dark patches,am a college student so maximum time i spend is outdoor,and recently having little bit of acne prblm??please help me out.wht should i use??my […]

September 16 ragz
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Facemed and kojiglow for de-pigmentation?

hi AM. ….i m reading articles on this site from last 3 days, finally reached on the conclusion that i shud use facemed and kojiglow as i dont have active pimples rite now. what all i have is oily skin, open pores, white n black heads and uneven skin because of pits cused by old […]

September 16 shailee
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De-pigmentation cream for spots?

I am looking for a good de-pigmentation cream for acne spots and scars. I have read the reviews by AM and see that the most recommended once are Kojic acid based ones Kojiglow, Kojivit, Kojiglo or Kaya. However,  I somehow feels that when it comes to treatment products for anti-aging, acne etc. pharma products work better than the […]

September 12 angel
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KAYA's Pigmentation Reducing Complex?

Dear AM Thank you for your suggestion Presently i am using AHA Glow face wash for face cleaning, Suncote gel for sun protection and kaya’s pigmentaion reducer Actualu i want  information on KAYA’s pigmentation reducing complex  produt from kaya as iam thinking  to use of it please suggest me if it is good for pigmentaion […]

September 12 syed


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