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What is Fexit B for?

hey am my doc prescribed me fexit b( Beclomethasone 0.025 % Fusidic Acid 2 %) for tan on my face hows this Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars September 12 satvik121

September 12 satvik121
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What is Momate-S cream for?

my dermatologist prescribed me momate-s cream as i have some dark skin around my mouth area due to excessive use of benzoyl peroxide in that area i wanted to know what is the use of this cream and will it help. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars September 11 […]

September 11 rk6702
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Which of these will reduce spots faster?

hey AM n Teju.. knocking the door again…hhehehe.!! 🙂 actually i wanted to ask you that.. which of the following will actually be good in treating black spots effectively.?? 1. apply glyco6 n after sometime dab kaya gel. 2.apply triacneal n after smtym dab kaya gel. 3.only apply kaya gel by alternating with glyco6 Votes: […]

September 9 cherry
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How to lighten a dark beard area?

Hi, I am 33 M with dense & thick stubble (beard hair). Shaving every day causes immense pain & bleeding. Hence I shave once in 3-4 days.  I also believe my beard hair does not grow out perpendicular to my skin but side ways leaving a part of the hair under the skin; which I […]

September 6 vaisam
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Dark spots and dark circles

m 26 yr male this site help me lot , i am using starter regimen from 1 week with morning–sebamed face wash then suncote evening -fash or aha glow face wash night- fash foam cleaner then ducray keracnyl cream alternating with kojiglow gel 1 can i use kojiglow gel with ducray keracnyl cream like first […]

September 2 jassi0302
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Cream or gel for dark spots?

m 26 yr male,,,ur site help me very much..i use morning-sebamed facewash,evening-fash foam cleanser then ducray keracnyl cream ,,,i had already use glyco 6,,now i have minor pimples,,,can u plss tell me a cream or gel for dark spot,,another pimple cream and also for dark circle…i think kaya pigment is not enough for me because […]

August 31 jassi0302


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