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Control breakouts and fade dark spots?

Hi, I d like to begin by giving a brief introduction about my self. I am from Dubai and am a working professional. In dubai, I would apply a neutrogena oil free acne facial cleanser as my face wash and after that, since my skin would become dry I would use a johnson’s face care […]

August 30 akanchwa
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Fade black spots from previous breakouts?

hey AM. i have been following your posts from past one months. and its really effective. great job! 🙂 now coming to my problem. m 18years of age.. n my pimple problem has there arent any new breakouts as such . its just that some black spots have left their mark on my cheeks.. […]

August 23 cherry
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Please help Glyco 6 or Glyco a?

i can not find glyco 6 but there is glyco A in the stores so can i buy that instead of glyco 6 Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: dark spots glycolic acid Categories: Dark Spots / Scars August 22 kripal-1911

August 22 kripal-1911
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Kaya Skin Clinic Pigmentation Reducer Gel ingredients?

can somebody say the ingredient list of kaya pigment reducer gel? what is the percentage of lactic acid in it? Votes: 0 Answers: 5 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars August 22 ashwitha

August 22 ashwitha
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Ageloc Acnesis Lotion for acne marks?

Has anyone tried the acnesis lotion by ageloc? it is supposedly good for acne marks Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars August 21 nimi

August 21 nimi
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Effective product to remove brown / dark marks from pimples?

Hi, I am looking for a efficient product to remove my brown / dark marks from acne. But I don’t know whether I go for a anti mark face-wash, for a fairness cream or for a scrubber. What would be your suggestion ?   PS: I have acne oily prone skin Votes: 0 Answers: 2 […]

August 19 maxwell


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