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Products for CPP Process?

@acne mantra as my face has cleared now i want to do cpp process so can you tell me the whole procedures and timings for the cpp products and are their any other products which i have to use with them  Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: CPP Process dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars […]

August 17 kripal-1911
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Is Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel effective?

Hi AM/Teju, I want to ask one thing. Is kaya pigmentation reducer is good scars, sun burn and black marks left by pimples.  How to use it. Could you please advise me. I am following starter regimen.  I am using Morning – Sebamed Night – Aha glow and glyco6 I want to add kaya pigmentation […]

August 16 ashu6074
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Can Liquid Neutrogena wash + KERACNYL Cream be used on Oily skin with frequent Cystic type Breakouts.

Hi Last week i asked a question about my skin condition of being partially ‘burnt’ by RETINO AC gel. I was advised to Neturogena Liquid Pure mild facewash + Combination OilFree Mositurizer. I have been using that from a week. The redness is less and skin is better. Now i wanna battle breakout and darks […]

August 8 anonymous1
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Overdose of Retio AC caused brown marks of skin burn.

Age 25 yr , male , i already had a severe problem of cystic acne with highly oily skin on face. After trying a lot of things i switched back again to retino A treatment in a hope to lower my breakouts (2-3 a day !) . This time i bought retinoAC with clyndamycin 1% […]

August 3 anonymous1
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Will this isotretinoin regimen work?

hi m 24…52 kgs..m suffering from pustules n cystic acne on both my cheeks…i did a 3 weeks course…consiting of: 1.Isotrenoin 20 mg (21 X 1) 2.Azouvit (21 X 1) 3. Dalacin-e 300mg (8 x2) 4.Clindamycin gel 5.Sotret gel Forever aloe vera face wash and juice also. My acne did dry up to an extent…but […]

August 3 nimi
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Anyone here used Melaglow New cream?

Anyone can tell anything abt Melaglow New? Anyone used it? Votes: 0 Answers: 9 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars July 30 pankhuripachak

July 30 pankhuripachak


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