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Himalaya Bleminor for skin blemishes?

(female, age-33, skin type- sensitive & combination) is himalaya bleminor effective for any type of skin blemishes? are there any other good anti blemish free products?  what is good for skin whitening for sensitive skin types….. Votes: 0 Answers: 5 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars July 25 rp14

July 25 rp14
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Carofit Ultra all over face?

can carofit ultra be applied all over face and just on spots? Votes: 0 Answers: 5 Tags: acne scars dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars July 16 nam

July 16 nam
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How to remove dark acne spots fast?

hiii guys….I have to join my new job in 10 days  but I am suffering from acne scars. I recently tried melacare which consists of hydroquinone. It left me with redness. So I went to a dermotologist. He recommended me with golic cream (6%), koshine lotion (kojic acid, glycolic acid, arbutan and licorice extracts) and […]

June 20 skrishnamanasa
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How to get rid of pimple and acne marks?

how to ged rid from acne & pimple marks ? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars June 20 ansal

June 20 ansal
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OK to use Kojiglo and Glyco 6?

Hello, I have acne marks on cheek and chin, i hv been using glyco 6 since 3 weeks , i love the way it has made my skin even tone , however i dont see any reduction in my spots , can kojiglo be applied over glyco 6 , that is glyco 6 all over […]

June 19 nandu
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Product suggestions for CPP?

hi acnemantra could u give me possible permutations and combinations of cpp regimen?other than what do u mentioned in the post?i am planning on adding keracynl cream(night),kaya night cream with fairness,for sunscreen lacto calamine will suffice i guess? Votes: 0 Answers: 8 Tags: dark spots Categories: Dark Spots / Scars June 5 TejuPriya

June 5 TejuPriya


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