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Antibiotics before dermarolling at Kaya?

Hi AM   I visited Kaya skin clinic yesterday for pitted scars on my face..they have suggested me to go for 4 sittings of dermarolling & 4 sittings of GA peeling on alternate basis..doc also told me that i am suffering from Rosasea due to which area on cheeks near to nose & on chin […]

December 12 shafaligarg
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Dermaroller at home in addition with topical treatment?

Hi  AM, I am following a regime for pitted scars which is as follows.. Morning-sebamed cleanser+suncote evening-kaya soothing cleansing gel nigth-aha glow+gycovira (glyco acid 12%) It has been 10 days i am following the regime.I wanted to know will the same regime will be more effective if used with dermaroller at home. I had dermaroller […]

October 24 navi
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Cost of subcision and dermaroller in India?

What is the cost of subsicion procedure and dermaroller in india? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: dermaroller Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment September 19 pinky

September 19 pinky
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Dermaroller downtime, recovery and improvement?

Hey, I want to know dermaroller. 1.Specially the downtime of recovery. 2.How much improvement i can see. Votes: 0 Answers: 6 Tags: dermaroller Categories: Dark Spots / Scars August 20 atanu_2012

August 20 atanu_2012


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