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Dermatologist visit - poked needles in the face?

I have been to  dr meena makheja at Mumbai. . I wanna know why she poked  my facd with needle and some instruments. . It was really hurting. . After that she put some medicine eith injecyion on my face.. she didn’t inject but just put it on my face.. why did she fo that?? […]

September 16 pinky
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Suggestions for good dermatologists in New Delhi?

Hi, Can anyone suggest a good dermatologist in New Delhi. Thanks Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: dermatologist Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments September 8 prachi

September 8 prachi
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My Derma visit with Dr. Sujaya Hegde in Bangalore

Hello AM, Tejupriya and all others.  Well finally I went to a dermatologist today. Her name is Dr. Sujaya Hegde and she is very renowned in Bangalore ( So here is my case and some details about her: Her office is in Indiaranagar stage 2 near the metro station. The building is a newly built […]

August 30 sumit
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Dermatologist recommendation in Delhi?

hey, can anyone suggest me effective and affordable dermatologist in delhi for chemical peel as i m really confused plzzz and thanks in advance. Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: chemical peel dermatologist Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels August 20 rk6702

August 20 rk6702
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Good dermatologist in Bangalore?

Hi all. It seems a derma visit is on the cards for me within the next one week or so. Hence if any of you in Bangalore know any good doctors who could help me out then please tell the same. I did some research on google but just want some personalized opinions that I […]

August 18 sumit
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My 2nd derm visit ...

last time i visted my derm a month back he prescribed me tretinoin 0.025%,clindymicin gel and desowen cream(this desowen i took my own decision to leave as twas steroid after using for a week)..mild facewash and tetracylcline antibiotic and probiotic..this regimen worked good for this one month i experincd whiteheads(wch is my major problm […]

July 25 prerna


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