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Suggestions on my regimen please??

Hi I have dry skin so cannot do without a rich moisturiser, I get occasional pimple or 2 in couple of months or so but by the time they heal I get a new one so my skin is never flawless.. now ive started this regimen to avoid formation of new pimples as well as […]

February 26 gurleen
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Dry and sensitive acne prone skin help?

Hello AM, I have a dry and sensitive and acne prone skin, that is getting even drier since i am using AHA glow face wash for a few days.. I am following the basic regimen mentioned, but without the Sebonac gel, My pimples are under control( i do get them once in a while)  with […]

October 24 gayathri
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Suggestions for dry skin with severe acne and pitted scarring?

please suggest topical treatment in India. does chemical peel helps in filling deep pits?m having very dry skin and most anti acne treatments in the market are for oily skin.i am presently using Cetaphil cleanser and Nevia Soft face cream.due to dryness m observing wrinkles and fine lines on my face since last 8 months. […]

October 19 anusha gawshinde
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Starter regimen ,dry patches around mouth and little bit on cheeks in two days, help ?

Hello AM, I have very small acne on my forehead and uneven skin all over face with tanning. Skin is dry combination and tan easily. I have started my starter regime on 17 sep., in these two days, I have noticed dry red patches near mouth and little bit near nose u can say. What […]

September 20 Priyan


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