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Biotique Red Sandalwood powder for face?

HI, I have been using biotique red sandalwood powder on my face from 3 years now.It never broke me out. But recently I was thinking of switching to a compact powder and I started with Maybelline dream matte, chamber compact etc…bt all these gives me very minor break outs here and there.So is it ok […]

November 26 radhika
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Is Maybelline BB compact comedogenic?

Is Maybelline BB compact comedogenic? Votes: 0 Answers: 10 Tags: face powder Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics November 3 Lavanya

November 3 Lavanya
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Face powder for men with oily skin?

Folks, this question has come up a few times here and there, but got lost amid other discussion. It looks like some guys use talcum powder on the face to achieve a matte finish. But we all know how white talcum powder is and how much it can stand out. Not to mention the mildly […]

October 2 AM
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Non-comedogenic foundation and compact?

hi AM  can u  plz suggest any non comedogenic foundation and compact for occasional makeup purpose. thanks Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: face powder foundation Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics September 19 shailee

September 19 shailee
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Powder to control oily skin in men?

can men used anything like compact L’Oreal True Match for prevention of oil on skin any powder or other thing which we put on top of sunscreen for acne prone skin pls tell this it is big problem for me and mostly oily men..i saw many girls have no sweat or oil on their face […]

September 11 jassi0302
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Which of these is a better compact??

hey AM .. what compact do u recommend?? maybelline dream matte or colorbar triple?? or anyother..!! ? for acne prone skin!! my requirements:::::: 1. give an oil free look. 2. basically cover up my scars.. 3. matte look. 4. for acne prone skin 5. not toooooooooooo costly. Votes: 0 Answers: 5 Tags: face powder Categories: […]

September 6 cherry


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