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Glycolic Acid Face wash

Friends, I got a question. I have AHAglow with me.  I hardly use it once in a week or two weeks. Whenever i am using AHAglow next day i see one or two whiteheads. Not sure either Ahaglow does not suit me or glycolic acid face wash doesn’t suit me. Should i go for another […]

November 15 ashu6074
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Acne face wash and sunscreen cream

please suggest me i have so many acce/pimples tried so many products now i am using acnelak soap need a good sunscreen cream for my face i am really fed up with theis acne/pimples. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: face wash Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash November 11 software engineer

November 11 software engineer
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Is the pH of saslic facewash hampering its effectiveness?

I was doing some reading regarding how to use AHAs and BHAs and I came across a number of articles that said that these acids do not exfoliate when the pH of the skin crosses 4. The package of saslic facewash states that the solution has a pH of 5.5. Does that mean the saslic […]

November 4 anu
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Patanjali Saundarya face wash?

Has anyone used patanjali saundarya face wash? Can anyone tell if it is noncomedogenic or not? My friend uses it and she looks extremely fair and flawless these days though she is not acne prone. Is ther some1 who is acne prone and did dis face wash help ,and is it non comedogenic? Votes: 0 […]

November 4 shikha sharma
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AHAGlow drying out parts of face help?

Hey  there I Hv combination skin … Get break outs on my chin during my periods … Recently used the aha glow face wash by torrents  but it dries only t upper area of my face … And I got my upper lips done even thought it was dry and flaky …. I reduced t […]

October 28 kelly
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Vedic Line face washes anyone?

Vedic Line seems to have a few non-comedogenic face washes in their line: Neem Brahmi face wash, Charcoal Disinfecting face wash and SensiTone Anti Sensitive face wash. They are paraben-free and reasonably priced. They sound like they can be good substitutes for more expensive face washes like Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel and drying ones like Himalaya Purifying Neem […]

October 27 AM


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