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Budget fairness cream for daytime?

Hello everyone i have been following budget regime and all my pimples have cleared up…….thanks a lot to AM and all the active members…….but the problem now is loads of acne scars all over my face…..i have not added any depigmentation cream yet to my regime as i was skeptical to use it all over […]

November 10 nik
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How to regain my fair skin back?

Hey acne mantra my pimples and scars n marks are almost gone… bt it looks like my skin is getting hampered by using anti acne products n nw it turns red frm fair.. So pls suggest me a cream which i can use at night to regain my fairness.. hope for a quick reply… Votes: […]

November 5 adnan
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Still searching for a fairness moisturiser :(

After a bad + sad exp frm kaya  day cream (broke me out with rashes all over the face+itched my skin) I am once again on a look out for a good fairness moisturiser.I have extremely sensitive skin with uneven skin tone alongwith acne+pimples on my face.i request u guys to help me find a […]

October 23 gazala
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Bioderma objective serum with kaya night cream?

Hello Everyone, As im not getting pimples anymore hence im focussing on old pimple marks all i wanted to know is can i use kaya night cream over bioderma objective serum at night. Also has anyone used bioderma objective serum and is it safe for acne prone skin? Votes: 0 Answers: 8 Tags: fairness hyper […]

October 22 javed
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Facemed gel to improve complexion?

Hi All Thanks for all your answers, few more suggestion i would like to ask Can i use facemed gel  to improve my face complexion it is good or any side effects, as i am using Kaya pigmentation reducer gel  complexion lightening alos i am using glomed face wash and sun cote for protection mine is […]

October 18 syed
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Is Vedic Line Natural Fairness Lotion non-comedogenic ?

Vedic Line Natural Fairness Lotion is non comedogenic ? Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: fairness Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens October 14 amitnashu

October 14 amitnashu


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