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Glomed in Bangalore

Where can I get Glomed facewash in Bangalore? I tried a lot of pharmacies and I couldn’t get one. Votes: 0 Answers: 12 Tags: face wash Glomed Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash January 23 PD

January 23 PD
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Any Luck with Glomed???

Hi All, I am planning to use glomed based on the suggestion from AM. I have been using sebamed, ahaglow and keracnyl and i am now targeting the pitted scars and dark marks on my face. It would be great if anyone who has used it could share your suggestions, feedback. You can also share […]

January 6 Boss
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AHAGlow or Glomed which is a better face wash?

hi ….was curious to ask whether u r male or female nd can u tell ur name??   i have apst 2 which can sometimes tend to apst 3 and i wanted to ask whether which one among ahaglow or glomed face wash can i use for daily cleaning of face 2-3 times…..and will there […]


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