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3 glycolic acid face wash alternatives to Glomed

Folks, those having difficulty finding the celebrated Glomed Face Wash can try these alternatives (apart from AHAGlow 1% glycolic acid) KLM Pharma KLM KLIN AHA Face Wash gel 5% glycolic acid (make sure to ask for AHA version not the regular salicylic acid one) Rs. 175 Curatio Melawash Gel 6% glycolic acid Rs. 135 for […]

February 4 AM
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Very dry skin from AHAGlow and Glyco 6

hi all………….   i am using aha glow and glyco 6 from months i think this regime is making my skin dry…….. overall results were good…. but i want to change my face wash as i think becoz of this my skin becoming dry…. i hv try cetaphil its not suit me well ………..  plz […]

December 11 harish raj
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Retino-A with Glyco 6 okay?

Can I use retino A in combination with glyco 6. And if I have to follow it with kojivit gel, how should I use. Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: glycolic acid tretinoin Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments December 4 div

December 4 div
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Glyco A causing tiny pimples?

Hi , Have anyone had small acne while using Glyco A ? If yes , what are you using as an alternative for Glyco A ? Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Tags: glycolic acid Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments November 26 rohit

November 26 rohit
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AHAGlow drying out parts of face help?

Hey  there I Hv combination skin … Get break outs on my chin during my periods … Recently used the aha glow face wash by torrents  but it dries only t upper area of my face … And I got my upper lips done even thought it was dry and flaky …. I reduced t […]

October 28 kelly
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Can't get Glyco 6 Cream in Chandigarh?

Well I’m from chandigarh and yesterday i have been visited many chemist shop around 7-8 shops (major drug store), but i did’t find the Glyco 6 cream, some owners don’t know what is it. sounds weird but it’s true. Could you please suggest me any online indian site, where i can order this cream. i […]

October 17 amit


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