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My Isotretinoin Log

Hi AM and other members 🙂 I’m Taiba from Indore, India. I am a medical student. I recently saw a dermatologist for my acne and he prescribed me Isotretinoin. (diagnosis- acne vulgaris). I’ve had acne for 10 years now(through my teenage and early tweens) and what prompted me to see a dermatologist is that it […]

January 12 Taiba Farooq
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acne black spots and tiny holes remover

my black spots and 4-5 tiny holes are not going either way since 2 years ….naturally and by me and recommend some easily available indian cream .. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: help Categories: Dark Spots / Scars August 1 ayaan

August 1 ayaan


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