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Is there any tube named Kojivit Plus CR in the market?

hi i am undergoing treatment from dermatologist for acne.he wrote me a tube named kojivit plus cr marketed by  micro .so i went to a medical shop to buy this product and was given a tube named kojivit tm gel marketed by micro labs i just wanted to know that are both these tube […]

December 15 shubham
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How to get clear and glowing skin?

Hiee evryone, First of all thanks for your starter works for me.i am using all the products in starter regimen except the antyacne cream.i am using keracnyl in place of i hardly have one or two breakouts in a month.actually i want to ask you now that my skin looks quite dull and […]

December 11 gill29
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Whiteheads and discoloration?

Hi AM, I have a lot of white heads on the chin,around the lips and nose.Also the skin around the chin ,corners of the mouth are darker than the rest of the face.Can you suggest any solution please? Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Tags: hyper pigmentation whiteheads Categories: Dark Spots / Scars December 10 psgg

December 10 psgg
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Reduce brown spots, whiteheads and lighten skin?

Hi.. I am 26 yr old and hv brown spots on my face since 4 -5 yrs..mine is not acne prone skin but i get lots of whiteheads n sumtyms acne which leave marks..i have oily skin on nose and near by cheek area ( not full cheeks) rest of face is normal… I hv […]

December 9 Deepshika
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Where to buy Kojivit gel?

where can I buy Kojivit gel …someone please post the image or online link to buy the same. Thanks in advance Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: hyper pigmentation Categories: Dark Spots / Scars December 8 papy

December 8 papy
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Glyco 6 on spots or all over the face?

Hi AM n buddies …. Since i ran out of kaya pigmentation reducer gel i brought glyco6 … How to aplly glyco 6?? Is it only on dark marks or all over the face ?? Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: hyper pigmentation Categories: Dark Spots / Scars December 8 priyanka k

December 8 priyanka k


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