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Can I start CPP Process now?

hi AM! currently i am using himalaya neem facewash and adaferin at nights. it seems working for me but darkspots increased. morethan 30 darkspots are on my face now. So i want to start cpp process. for this can i start budget regimen with adaferin as acne cream keeping rest of the products same???? Votes: […]

November 20 Shiva Kumar
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Supatret .04 % for acne marks?

2 years back,my doc suggested to use Sopatet .04,I used it for soemtime and then discared it caus of the peeling.But now I realized that it has Retin-A and it was doing as expected. now my question is can i use it now also?I dont have acne now.but I have the previous acne marks and pigmentation.will […]

November 19 Resmi
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Melacare Plus for dark spots?

i had pimples on my face for about 10 years and  it left marks and scars on my face, i have taken so many treatments for my scars like micro dermabraision, scar roller,1 sitting of laser, and many sessions of peel, but after all this i didn’t get the skin i wanted,anyways 5 mnths before […]

November 19 mamta
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Day cream for skin lightening?

Hi AM Please suggest some day cream for skin lightening and acne scars.Can facemed be an option for this? Votes: 0 Answers: 5 Tags: fairness hyper pigmentation Categories: Dark Spots / Scars November 18 navi

November 18 navi
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How to get rid of blackish around lips & chin?

Hi AM & other community members My upper lip area & Chin area is getting black day by day. However when i ask to my family about its visibility, they say that its ntng like that but still i feel that area is darker. Does anyone of u have idea why does this happen & […]

November 18 shafaligarg
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La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and still getting breakouts?

Hi acne mantra, Currently my skin care routine is sebamed cleansing foam suncote sunscreen and la roche posay effaclar duo for any active breakouts. The thing is, its been 1 month I’ve been using these products and I’m still getting tiny pus filled breakouts.Why is this happening? My cystic acne has stopped completely now. I […]

November 17 Dushala


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