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Meladerm for hyperpigmentation

Hi guys, i’v recently came to know about this meladerm cream from someone and upon searching on net i could find from their website that this cream is for treating hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne marks, old scars, uneven skin tone, sun damage etc. Its says no hydroquinone, mercury, steriods or parabens are used although i […]

January 19 Sri
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Hyperpigmentation regimen for my Mom

Hello everyone, this time I am here for my Mom! She is 40, APST 2 and normal skin type (somewhat dry in winters near cheek region, temple is oily though!) She is facing hyperpigmentation (may be age spots) and blackheads on nose and surrounding area from last one month. For last 10 days, she’s being […]

January 8 akshaykshardul
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Chemical peels for darkness around mouth?

hey,i have hyperpigmentation around my mouth area which looks very it has been there for 6-8 months now it had gone lighter though but it still looks bad and deep right now i m using kaya pigmentation reducer and carofit ultra but i want some quick results can i try chemical peel will it help […]

August 18 rk6702
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Is Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel effective?

Hi AM/Teju, I want to ask one thing. Is kaya pigmentation reducer is good scars, sun burn and black marks left by pimples.  How to use it. Could you please advise me. I am following starter regimen.  I am using Morning – Sebamed Night – Aha glow and glyco6 I want to add kaya pigmentation […]

August 16 ashu6074
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Tan removal for oily / acne prone skin?

Hello, is there any efficient tan removal treatment or oily / acne prone skin ? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: hyperpigmentation Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash May 11 Sheldon

May 11 Sheldon


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