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Kojiglo Gel anyone?

Has anyone used Kojiglo gel here? It is made by Alkem pharma and contains kojic acid dipalmitate 3% and vitamin C 2%. This is a stronger de-pigmenting product than Kojivit which contains 2% kojic acid dipalmitate. Vitamin C is a potent dark spot lightener. All in all, this could be a good substitute for those […]

January 30 AM
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Kojiglo gel versus Kojic cream?

Hello there, what is the differences between kojic cream and this gel? It is stated on display as kojic depalmitate. Can I use AHAglow, tretinoin and this gel? And how can I get rid of those irregular tone while using these? And I think, I’m going to start of the regimen that you have suggested […]

October 24 RedV
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Kojivit gel experiences?

Hi guys, there have been mentions here and there in the community about Kojivit Gel (kojic dipalmitate 2 % w/w, arbutin 1.5 %, morus alba extract 1.5 %, octinoxate 7.5 %) for dark spots (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation) from pimples. Just to get it all together in one place, have you used Kojivit gel? Did […]

October 2 AM
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Getting married in 2 months- Please help

Hi everyone, I am getting married in 2 months. Blessed with very good skin, but have some old acne red marks on chin (5-6) and 1 on cheek. I have been suggested chemical peeling by doctor but dont want to get it done. Can anyone suggest any OTC products? I will use regularly and be […]

June 15 pankhuripachak


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