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2 new non-comedogenic-looking sunscreens

Hi guys, Two new sunscreens among others added to the reviews section with full info seem particularly acne-safe. Living Proof Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser SPF 20 and Nivea Sun Light Feeling Daily Face Sun Fluid SPF 50+ I’ve not used these products, I came across them while searching for more options for us all. […]

April 10 AM
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Best toner for oily skin?

Which is the best toner suitable for acne prone skin in India? Which is the best toner or astringent for oily skin? Which is the best alcohol-free toner for sensitive skin in India? Is rose water a good toner for oily /combination skin? Which toner will help to reduce pore size? Votes: 0 Answers: 25 […]

April 3 AM


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