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Biotique Red Sandalwood powder for face?

HI, I have been using biotique red sandalwood powder on my face from 3 years now.It never broke me out. But recently I was thinking of switching to a compact powder and I started with Maybelline dream matte, chamber compact etc…bt all these gives me very minor break outs here and there.So is it ok […]

November 26 radhika
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Tinted moisturizer or light foundation ideas?

Hi again acnemantra, Very sorry for flooding this place with questions but I’m so paranoid about all the products I see that i just wont indulge in buying them without consulting acnemantra! I want a light tinted moisturizer/light foundation which i can use daily. One of the foundations that I’m going to buy is Clinique […]

November 18 Dushala
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Revlon Photoready Primer Foundation for acne prone skin?

Can I use revlon photoready primer foundation? I hav a acne prone skin. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: foundation makeup Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics November 8 gowthaminaidu

November 8 gowthaminaidu
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How to apply sunscreen over makeup?

Hi all   Please suggest a good make up routine for acne prone skin . ( Make up foundation , concelar compact , suncsreen and moisturiser )  Also how do you apply Sunscreen with Make up ?       Votes: 0 Answers: 19 Tags: makeup sunscreen Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics November 4 gswey059

November 4 gswey059
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Best highlighters for acne prone skin?

Best highlighters for acne prone skin?? Votes: 0 Answers: 5 Tags: makeup Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics October 12 drdeepika

October 12 drdeepika
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Spot treatment & which makeup foundation?

hi i just came across your website when i was looking for acne solution and subscribed to it immediately.. 🙂 my problem is dat i get blind pimples mostly in clustered form which are very painful and take a long time to go. so i wanted good spot treatment cream dat can hel p me […]

July 16 gressa


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