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Help with open pores and a dark spot?

I have this query that i was suffering from acne from past 8-10yrs.. Now they have gone from around 6,7months by themselves… But i m having lot of wide open pores on my nose and cheek area due to them face looks reddish and unevenly toned and one brown dark colored spot on my nose […]

December 3 Nups
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Caladew cream frm ethicare remedies?

Hi Has anyone used Caladew cream frm ethicare remedies?? I want to take it as an alternative to lacto calamine (nt fully non-comedogenic), calak lotion (leaves white cast) & markal lotion (availability issue).if anyone has used caladew then plz tell me how is it?? Thanks in advance…:) Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: calamine moisturizer oily […]

November 24 shafaligarg
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Alternative to AHAGlow for better oil-control?

Hi This is my 2nd question today.I am using AHAglow face wash.I can see how people and the cosmetologists praise its worthiness on the oily and acne prone skin but really it is not at all working for me.The only thing hinders me on and on is the sebum secretion.It makes the hell out of […]

November 6 joshua ranjith
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Questions regarding Clindamycin

I have heard that long term use of Clindamycin renders it ineffective on bacteria but does it continue to help with controlling oil ? Also does usage of Clindamycin make skin more sensitive to the sun the way retinoids do ? Thanks in advance for your help : ) Votes: 0 Answers: 23 Tags: oily […]

October 25 anu
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Oily skin, open pores and blackheads

hi AM….. i hav a very oily n acne prone skin….right nw…skin is clear… i use the following face wash – cetaphil cleansing lotion – clean n clear morning energy face wash for pimples..i use… – Clindac A by Galderma (suggested by a friend) i hav open pores n blackheads… As pores are open….my skin […]

October 13 monica
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Suggestions for a sweat-free + oil-free+ sunscreen + moisturizer+ skin lightening product please?

Hello I am 29yrs old male . My facial skin becomes oily in a gap of every 30.minutes mainly in forehead, nose and its sides and region. I am using ponds white face wash and ponds white cream and after ponds powder . But after 1 or 2 hrs my face becomes oily and dull. […]

October 3 rk jena


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